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UPDATE 7-12-2023:

This article/post is in my opinion with facts. Any Facts that are stated can and/or will be shown upon request:

Recent events have me posting an update on Jeffrey Rush. According to my sources and what I have personally experienced, these changes have been made or have come to pass.

Mr. Rush has sold his house lock, stock, and barrel in Granite City Illinois. I was told by the investigator (explanation below) that Mr. Rush was telling his new fiancée (according to other sources: this is the word he used to describe his relationship and why he was selling) he was going to sell his house, everything in it and move to TX.

The update Backstory:

He met a woman on the Israel Tour trip with Johnathon Cahn Jonathan Cahn (@jonathan.cahn) back in October of 2022 (while he was still married but separated after his last wife fled for the safety of herself, her child, and their pet in July 2022 ).

According to my sources in just 6 months or less, he had manipulated this beautiful new woman enough into believing his Habitual lies and talked of selling everything and moving to TX.

Somewhere along the line, again according to my sources they were engaged (this is what he told others). Her family started raising concerns that it was moving too fast and started checking into him.

That’s when they ran across my FB page ( that I created to warn others of what he has done and the kind of man he is. The persona/façade that he tries and has successfully hidden before and during the time he was married to my daughter.

Anyway, back to the Update.

The Family’s investigator reached out to me late one afternoon. I had my concerns as to who this was and if he was legit. Was he a plant to find some way to coerce me into slander or defamation of some kind.

(Again, I would like to insert here that everything that I post I have proof of. I can and will produce when and if required)

Anyway, I filled the investigator in on what I did know. I sent him some proof of what I had so he could inform the Family and show them the evidence. IE: the patterns, how he manipulates, the treatment of his ex’s (including their children) etc. This way she could make a sound judgment on what she wanted to do.

He was sent to federal prison because of his habitual lies and manipulation. The only thing he learned was how to use the word of the Lord above to his advantage and to further manipulate.

So now we are at the point in the update that brings us current. He had continued to try to sell his house during the time the investigator was gathering this information and taking it back to the family (my speculation is Mr. Rush apparently intended on her to be continually convinced in all his lies and love bombing).

When she made the decision to break off whatever it was they had going, he tried desperately to call off the sale of the house.

Rumor has it, it was already in escrow and the new buyers were not backing down. On the day of the closing, I was told it ended up an all-day affair because he was still throwing a fit trying to keep from selling the house. (I guess he thought he could wear them down like he does with others and situations that don’t go his way or that the people don’t agree with him)

Anyway, he continued to raise a fit, playing the victim card. Getting visibly upset because he couldn't get his way. Bottom line, He couldn’t manipulate his way out of the sale of his house and belongings in it.

So, folks he most likely is no longer living in Granite City, Illinois anymore and living back with his mother in Maryville, Illinois.

So be on the lookout. He WILL be looking for his next wife in and/or around the Greater St. Louis Area including and especially on the Illinois side of the border. He likes to use Christian dating sites but is not just limited to that. Just know what you are getting into.

I started these pages for a reason. When my daughter started dating him back in 2020, I tried to look him up. I tried googling and the paid sites even after I found out what he did. I found nothing on him. Not even a FB page because his name is not Jeffrey Rush on his FB it’s Jeffrey Sway1.

I called one of the paid sites and asked why nothing was on their site, nothing of his incarceration/federal prison, divorces, all the other legal trouble, where he worked etc.: They told me "All a person had to do was: Call and ask for their information to be removed from their sites".

I decided then that no other woman was going to fall prey at least not without knowing the truth.

So, I made the Facebook page (link above) and the Website and hash tagged everything so it can be found. I posted stuff on FB to keep it active and pinned a few posts to the top.

Know this: He has had a temporary PPO on him in the past year. There is a pattern.

Narcissists are master manipulators and often have two personalities. One is the persona that they put on for the world to see, which is usually a Mask of perfection. The other personality is their true self, which is often dark, twisted, and full of rage. This side of them is often hidden from everyone except the people closest to them. This is who they reveal their true selves too.

He has the Character of a classic narcissist. Should never be trusted and take everything that is said with a bucket of salt.

I can only provide evidence and knowledge to the next person. From there it is up to THAT individual to do as THEY choose. At least they are going into it with knowledge where everyone else was and has been blindsided and conned.

Put it this way! He made such an incredibly BAD impression on the ADA in his federal trial that when I call her today and mention his name, she knows exactly who it is that I am talking about.

Also, in my opinion he should NEVER be able to get VA benefits of any kind, not even the Lowe’s discount and military discounts from T-Mobile that he does now. Furthermore, he should be relabeled DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED from the military full stop!!!!

To you my sweet girl, if you’re reading this, I am so sorry for the pain that you are experiencing and/or have been going through. I want you to know this, Strong beautiful women, men, businesses, and institutions have fallen prey to his Manipulation and Habitual Lies. None of them have come out unscathed.

You are NOT alone. Narcissism is devastating on everyone that it touches. It’s ok to feel the way you do. You WILL get your old self back. You WILL get stronger. You WILL succeed in everything you put your mind to. You are loved. You are cherished. You are wanted. Never doubt your self-worth.

My advice for anyone leaving a Narcissistic Relationship of any kind is to go NO CONTACT and BLOCK! BLOCK! BLOCK! Get an attorney if harassment or stalking starts or continues, get a PPO. DO NOT HESITATE!


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