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Truth about Jeffrey W Rush of Granite City IL

This is Jeffrey W Rush.

This article/post is in my opinion with facts. Any Facts that are stated can and/or will be shown upon request:

These are articles/links to articles of who he is. This is Public Knowledge you can search for yourself. Make sure to add in the city East Alton IL or East St. Louis IL. he went through the Southern District of East St. Louis Federal Court system.

Everything is public records; you just need to know where to look.

I believe he was able to scrub many of the truth finder apps by calling them and having his info removed. Reason I believe this is because when they got together I didn't find anything on him. I searched and googled his name and didn’t see anything. He covered his tracks so no one can find out the truth of who he really is.

I am exposing him and the truth about him so that if anyone googles his name they will find out the truth. They will see the hashtags and my post will pop up and warn his potential victims and I pray he doesn’t already have one on the hook.

In the coming days I will be posting more about his lies and narcissistic manipulative behaviors on how he treated my daughter before and during their short marriage.

Also in the coming days please keep in mind his ex wives are victims.

His first wife was his worst victim because she ended up being ripped away from her then 3-4 year old son and had to serve time because he manipulated her into doing his bidding. He even says it was all him in his impact statement to the court.

Which I have and I can show proof. Remember all public records.

I can’t speak on the abuse and mental torment that these ladies had to endure at his hands because it would be hearsay and probably turn into a #JohnnyDepp & #AmberHeard story. But believe me if you know what a Narcissist, Habitual Liar and a Manipulator all rolled into one then you can just imagine the turmoil they went through.

I believe his family are enablers cause no one said anything of what and who he was or did.

He has not changed from the man that went to court/prison back in 2010 or back in 2004/05 when it all started. He was a coward then when he tried to get out of going to war with his Army company and he remains that same coward using women to gain everything he has and more. He is the same man, just different victims.

I have already consulted an Attorney because I know he will try to stop the info from coming out like he already had. Threatening Chelsey’s agreement through the divorce including the whole Glory situation. If you remember I had to change some wording on my post so as to not look like I was talking to him.

I told him “I could be his best friend or I can be your worst nightmare. The option is yours. Don’t hurt my Daughter!”.

This is me living up to that by exposing him. By telling the TRUTH. Something that has eluded him all his life.

I would appreciate it if this can get circulated to as many outlets as possible. Evil didn’t win on Saturday Feb 18th when all your donations helped Riley to Keep his Glory. Please help his next potential victims before they fall prey to his lies and manipulations.

From one woman's experience of a Narcissist:

*They move on very quickly too(to the next one). Not even 2-3 weeks go by after a break up and they’re already in a relationship. And I guarantee you they were grooming this person while in the relationship. And that’s because they don’t like to be by themselves. They can’t. They don’t like the thought of being by themselves, they’re codependent upon other people. It’s their “narcissistic supply”. They need validation. They need to feel like the center of somebody’s world, because ultimately, everything is and will always be about them. *They’re love bombing the new one, being on their best behavior and getting them trapped. They are portraying themselves as husband (or wife) material, loving, supportive, etc and they are NOTHING like that. Nothing. They are literally the total opposite once they get you reeled in. They are highly arrogant, and believe they can do no wrong. They feel as if they’re above the law and is better than everyone else. They’re also jealous. They’ll never be happy about your achievements or anyone else’s except their own. Narcs pick certain people. They pick those who they know are caring, sweet, and nurturing. And trust me when I tell you, you have something they want. It might be money, it might be sex, *or sometimes (if they live on their own) they’ll move you in quickly so you can help them pay their bills while they drain you of your money and your soul. And they’ll try to isolate you from friends and family in the long run. They won’t want you to go anywhere, they’ll want you to dress a certain way….and literally every single thing you do will become a problem. They’re NEVER satisfied, and will ALWAYS have a void in their life that will never be filled. They’re incapable of empathy, and understanding. The new person doesn’t know what kind of hell they’re getting into. They don’t know they’re getting ready to endure emotional abuse, mental abuse, and sometimes physical abuse. They’ll literally make you feel like you’re crazy and you’re not.

*some of what he did to Chelsey

#jeffreysway1 @JeffeySway1 on twitter

Vet fakes paralysis to avoid war

The Associated Press

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. - An Army veteran admitted in federal court Friday that he plotted with his wife to bilk the U.S. government by faking paralysis after a car wreck to get disability benefits and avoid being deployed to Iraq.

Jeffrey Rush, 27, also pleaded guilty to fraud charges tied to his product-liability lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. and a seat-belt maker over the 2004 rollover accident he claimed led to his becoming a paraplegic.

Federal prosecutors alleged Rush, now of Nashville, Tenn., and wife Amy Rush, 25, stood to get millions of dollars in their scam, much of it in the Ford lawsuit that unraveled and eventually was dropped by their attorney when he figured out he was being duped by the couple.

As part of the scheme, court records show, Rush wrongly got $107,857 in benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs and scammed an additional $28,730 from the Social Security Administration. Court documents and discussions offered no details on how Rush perpetuated the scheme.

Rush, standing upright in court Friday with shoulders slouched and hands folded in front of him, pleaded guilty to two fraud conspiracy counts and one count apiece of mail fraud and making false statements to the Social Security Administration.

Rush, who entered the pleas without any deal with prosecutors, faces up to 65 years in prison and $1 million in fines when sentenced Feb. 17. He remains free on bond. Amy Rush pleaded guilty last month to similar charges and awaits Jan. 22 sentencing.

Jeffrey Rush was assigned to the 24th Transportation Company at Kansas' Fort Riley in June 2004 when that outfit was warned it would be deployed "in the near future" in support of troops in Iraq.

Five months later, Rush was involved in a one-car rollover accident with his own vehicle. Several times afterward, Rush told medical specialists he could not walk and had lost bowel and bladder control, baffling doctors who could not pinpoint the source of his paralysis.

Rush's Army company was deployed to Iraq some seven weeks after the wreck.

Over the next several months, Rush insisted in requests for compensation and special housing that he couldn't move from the waist down, eventually getting a medical discharge from the Army in July 2005 and drawing $2,700 in monthly VA benefits.

On Dec. 9, 2005, in St. Clair County, the Rushes sued Ford and the maker of the seat belts used in Rush's 2002 Explorer Sport Trac, blaming both companies for his supposed paralysis and his wife's resulting "loss of consortium and conjugal relations." The Rushes went on to have a child in July 2006.

The lawsuit demanded at least $400,000 in damages, though the Rushes' attorney, Bruce Cook, had reached a $6 million settlement in another case involving a similar vehicle. The lawsuit came just weeks after the automaker supplied Rush with a van worth $32,674.

Cook told The Associated Press on Friday that it became clear he was being duped by the Rushes, who he said fumbled for an explanation of how Amy Rush got pregnant and how the supposedly wheelchair-bound Rush's legs stayed so muscular despite their claimed lack of use.

Cook said he dropped the lawsuit in April 2006 and apologized to Ford.


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