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Email To Ben Stein

This email was entered into evidence against Jeff Rush in his court Case. Court Case Number #09CR30081WDS when looking up the case in #PACER use the numbers with spaces 09-30081 In my opinion:

Proving how he lied and deceived, not only to Ben Stein the American writer, lawyer, actor, comedian, and commentator but also everyone that was in attendance of the Red, White and Blue Presidential Ball in Washington D.C on January 20. 2005 that came in contact with him.

Also in my opinion.

He thought himself as being more talented than Hillary Duff and thinks he can work with John Travolta and Tom Hanks. Even thinks he is a born natural talent.


This letter reeks of his Narcissism. The only talent I see he possesses is being an habitual liar that can manipulate people into believing his false narratives of who he portrays himself to be and not who he actually is.

What's your opinion?

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