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Jeff Rush Still the Same. Maybe worse!

This article/post is in my opinion with facts. Any Facts that are stated can and/or will be shown upon request:

He most recently was living in Granite City as of July he may have moved. But he was living in or around Carterville IL after his Release on Feb 25, 2016 to Court ordered supervision.

Court Case Number #09CR30081WDS when looking up the case in #PACER use the numbers with spaces 09-30081

#UnitedStatesPenitentiaryMarionIL Is where I believe he spent his federal prison sentence. At the time of his crimes he was living in and/or around East Alton IL. When he was released on supervision he stayed for up to 3 years with a Reverend/Pastor and his wife in #CartervilleIL. At that time #ChristianCovenantFollowshipChurch in #CartervilleIl was where I believe he took fellowship.

Meet Jeffrey Rush aka #jeffrush #jeffreyrush #jeffsway1 #Jeffwaynerush (some of the names he is known by)

Not the famous Actor #GeoffreyRush.

Not the Jeff Rush that teaches screenwriting, adaptation, scene analysis and is the director of the BFA in. Screenwriting and Directing.

Not the Jeff Rush that’s an Artist @ motorsport artworx, The financial Advisor or The Chief Executive Officer of Icon Mechanical in #GraniteCityIllinois.

No, I want you to meet the man (and I use that word loosely) that portrays himself to be a #Chaplain.

A man (again loosely) that claims to have a BA in Christian Theology of some sort (although I never saw it).

A Man (loosely) that claims to be of the cloth, a Christian and #SpiritualAdvisor. Which was his actual job title for a Medical Facility in/or around #FairviewHeightsIllinois.

I can only say what I can prove in public records or articles without dragging the ex-wives in to prove how they were treated by his so-called Christian's hand and/or verbally.

They have been through enough. All 3 of them ( 2 marriages in the last 3-3 ½ years). He pushed and manipulated the last one to get married so quickly to further his pastor goals. He wanted/ needed a wife and now he needs one again.

This person put on a false façade to my family, his friends and colleagues (and is still doing it). Misrepresented himself in every way. He did it back when he cooked up the scheme of defrauding the VA, ford motor company, hospitals and lawyers in 2004/05 till he was convicted in 2009/10.

His family (I can only assume) went along with the scheme because they never brought up who he really was or what he did.

When I first searched his name in google like all mothers would. I got back the results of the people I referenced first.

It’s not until you add in the location of the City in which he lived at one time. #EastAltonIllinois that the articles popped up. IE: links in comments.

With headlines like {Vet Defrauds VA Disability Benefits: claims paralysis to get out of being deployed to Iraq with his unit.} sentenced to 6 years. While his Army unit was serving in Iraq this is what the article says he was doing.

“While his unit was off to war, Rush snorkeled in Florida and schmoozed at an inaugural ball in Washington in a wheelchair, this time insisting that serving in Iraq cost him his ability to walk. Yet, his legs stayed muscular and he fathered a child with his wife.”

He even met Ben Stein at this ball and got his email address and wrote to him, wanting to be an actor or singer or all of it. I have that email. It was entered as proof of his lying in the court case. It was really something to read. The lies he told SMH, well let's just say, knowing him now some 18 years after that email was written and sent it doesn't surprise me. He hasn't changed. He lie’s without difficulty, with so much ease.

I was sent one article about Jeff. Then I went searching and I found multiple articles on him. On how he deceived and manipulated a multitude of people and programs.

We found out he even had another ex-wife that we didn’t know he had.

They were only married for a couple months. Papers were not even dry when he started on his next victim/wife to be (My Daughter) and they were only married 8 months before she escaped. Total year and 4 months by the time they divorced.

As the articles say he is a #HabitualLiar and he has a #MoralDeficit.

"He needs to come to the understanding that working 40 hours a week is a lot better than to be in prison," the prosecutor said, arguing that Rush had a "certain moral deficit."

“ "It's clear to me, Mr. Rush, you do have a problem - your principal problem is telling the truth," the longtime federal judge said.

Rush, who now lives in Nashville, Tenn., insisted he could make things right, claiming he had the inside track on a possible multimillion-dollar real estate deal. Stiehl wasn't convinced, and prosecutor #SuzanneGarrison called Rush a "habitual liar."”

Rush wrongly got $107,857 in benefits from the #DepartmentofVeteransAffairs and scammed $28,730 from the #SocialSecurityAdministration, according to court records. #Stiehl also ordered Rush to pay tens of thousands of dollars to hospitals where he was treated, the #Army, #Ford and the attorney who helped the Rushes' sue the automaker, #BruceCook, who has said he was duped by the couple and apologized to Ford.

They say he believes himself to be one of the two prophet’s/witnesses that come to unalive the antichrist in the second coming or something (I don’t know the bible that well so I don’t know what the correct terms or writings are), the other being a Rabbi named #JonathonCahn. Some of you may know him. He has written books and does tours of Israel among other things. One such tour Jeff just went to in November I believe. He dyed his mustache and beard jet black before he left and by the time he came home he was dressing and looking just like Johnathon Cahn except with a bald head.

I am not a #psychologist or a #psychiatrist but (in my opinion and I am not alone in this) he has all/or most of the #characteristics of a #narcissistic personality. Highly #manipulative and proven #HabitualLiar. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that if he was evaluated by a #StateBoardCertifiedprofessional, they would come back with that diagnosis and/or a few more.

Any and all pictures, articles or records I share are from public access. Even his own Facebook page. The pictures are or were publicly posted and not private. Any links I use in this post are public knowledge and can be searched for including his Facebook page, twitter account or any other social media.

I am NOT creating falsehoods, Slandering, Bullying or Stalking this man (again loosely) nor his family, friends or colleagues. I am stating factual information, public records or has been publicly shared on posts. In the hopes that when someone looks his name up again they get all his factual information so that they can be better informed.

You don’t know until you know. Then when you know it’s what you do with that knowledge that matters.

This is NOT a #johnnydepp or #Amberheard type of post.

#jeffreysway1 @JeffeySway1 on twitter

Court Case Number #09CR30081WDS when looking up the case in #PACER use the numbers with spaces 09-30081


#ChristianCovenantFollowshipChurch in #CartervilleIl #RalphBrandonOfCartervilleIL he and his wife Barb(?) housed him during his supervised release for a time. #MaryvilleBaptistChurch is the Church he may frequent and where his mom and step-dad go.


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