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Come in, have a seat and learn the Truth about Jeffrey Wayne Rush.

For persons (mainly women) looking to know the truth about this man that he doesn't want anyone to know.

I have proof of all that is going to be listed and will provide it upon request.

There will be links to article's written about Jeff Rush. Documents shared from Public Records that I have Obtained legally.

This is an ever changing page with information when it comes in so stay tuned and check back often.

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My name is Dorothy 

I am a mother of two, a step-mom to three and a Granny D to seven. 

I strongly believe in truth and Justice. I have strong values and morals. 

I am NOT perfect. Not by any means, I am human. I've made mistakes and continue to make mistakes. But I own everything I have ever done or will do.  I believe in equality for all and that ALL should have the same rights as another.

I believe you should tell the truth about yourself and not mislead or misrepresent/lie to create a façade you want people to believe. 

This Blog is for the transparency of a man that misrepresented himself to my daughter. He is a con man, he created a false persona catered to my daughter's wants and needs. 


We later found out he is a former Federal Prisoner, a proven and known Habitual Liar, he defrauded disability benefits from the Veterans Administration and Social Security, Manipulated Ford Motor Company out of a Handicapped Equipped Van, tried to Sue Ford's out of millions of dollars. He has proven to be a manipulative person. (More than just my opinion) He is also an undiagnosed Narcissist. 

I will be adding Court Doc's, links to Articles and Google Doc's I have written up. So that nobody else's daughter will fall prey to his Lies and Manipulation. 

Everything I do add to this blog is true and can be backed up by proof. 

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me. You can contact me through any of the links on this website and/or through my personal FB page. No one else has access to these accounts. Everything or anything that is discussed would be confidential.

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